End of an Era for The Goodtime Pie Co.

It was an extremely sad day for the Pollett family  on 13th May 2019 as their father Leo, the founder, mentor and all-round awesome baker departed this world for the “Bakery in the Sky” where they are sure he will bake pies for the angels.

It all started when Leo rang Phil in December 1977 and said “If you come back from your OE we will start a pies only bakery” Leo’s dream. Phil said “yes” so the amazing story began on February 28th 1978. The business has grown to be a multi-million-dollar operation selling over 12 million pies a year which made Leo extremely proud.

Leo was a pedantic baker to say the least. He’d say things like “Never drop the quality, there is always going to be some bugger who will undercut us, we’ll just ignore them and get on with how we do it”

And, when sales would slump for no real reason “Don’t worry, it wouldn’t matter if we wrap them in gold leaf, they wouldn’t sell”. He worked out pretty quickly that the main cause was Lotto week, when, in the early days the whole of NZ would go crazy and go without lunch to buy a ticket.

At Leos service the family and staff promised to keep up his standards pledging that they will never trade quality for price no matter what!!
Leo will be missed for his wise words, his wit and his uncompromising passion for making sure the family continue his heritage and the long tradition of maintaining quality.

After all these years the team at Goodtime are still – “Here to make the Best Pies in the World”.
All in honour of Leo Pollett.