Hub Gourmet Pies and Rolls are now Vegan Certified

We have been really busy lately making our Hub Gourmet Vegan range even better and are chuffed to announce that we have gained Vegan Certification, launched a new pie flavour- Chana Masala and a Vegan Café Roll.

Our Hub Gourmet Vegan range of pies have been around for a while but we wanted to take things to the next step and get them Vegan certified so that our customers could have 100% confidence that they were the real deal. We enjoyed working with the NZ Vegetarian Society in collaboration with the Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand to meet their strict requirements.

Hub Gourmet Vegan Chana Masala Pie PackHub Gourmet Vegan Korma Vegetable Pie PackHub Gourmet Cafe Vegan Sausage Roll PackHub Gourmet Vegan Kumara & Cashew Pie PackHub Gourmet Vegan Spicy Mexican Pie Pack

What’s Involved in Gaining the Vegan Certification?

The Vegan Certified programme is administered by the NZ Vegetarian Society, in collaboration with the Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand. The Vegan Certified trademark helps consumers to easily identify vegan products from reputable manufactures.

In order to be granted the certification we have to guarantee that all our Hub Gourmet Vegan pies and Café Rolls are free from animal-derived ingredients.

The NZ Vegetarian Society Vegan Certified trademark cannot be displayed on any product that contains, consists of, or has been produced with the aid of products consisting of or created from, any part of a living or dead animal, or any substance that has originated from an animal.

No cross-contamination during production

In order to be eligible for the Vegan Certified trademark, cross-contamination must not occur between the vegan product and non-vegan products/ingredients during production. If the same production line is shared with non-vegan products/ ingredients, thorough cleaning must be carried out before vegan production commences. This extends to all associated machinery, equipment, utensils, surfaces and clothing, which must remain free from non- vegan products/ingredients before vegan products are touched, prepared, produced or packaged. Clear procedures must be in place to ensure correct packaging is used and errors do not occur.


Genetically modified ingredients or products containing genetically modified ingredients are not eligible to be licensed to carry the Vegan Certified trademark. (An exception is made for ingredients that contain genetically modified material at levels of less than 1% of that ingredient.)

We also took the opportunity to revamp our packaging to make it easier for our customers to identify our vegan range in the pie warmer or freezer. Show packs

Our new flavour Chana Masala is a delicious combination of chickpeas, potatoes, and kumara cooked in a spicy onion tomato and creamy coconut masala gravy, wrapped in our flaky vegan pastry.

As a result of customer requests for a vegan alternative to a kiwi favourite we have launched a Hub Café Vegan Sausage Roll, so that vegans, vegetarians or those who want to eat less meat can still enjoy the sausage roll experience. Our Café Sausage Roll is a plant-based twist on a sausage roll, nicely seasoned and wrapped in a delicious flaky pastry.

To find out more about ingredient and nutritional information click here

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The Goodtime Time Pie Co. launch Metro Pies with a 3 Star Health Rating

Metro Pie Logo

We know that kids and adults love the taste and comfort of a quality pie but that it is desirable if they are eaten as part of an active lifestyle and well-balanced healthy diet. So, we decided to reformulated our Metro Pie range to achieve the high standard 3 Star Health Rating which is a well-recognised rating system that people know and trust.

This is our way of Helping Everyone Choose Healthier Food Options but still have the chance to enjoy pies which are a kiwi favourite.

The 3 Star Rating means Metro Pies can be enjoyed more often than normal pies which is why we say the Metro range is “The Tasty Pie That’s Better 4 U”. There are 2 sizes available in the Metro range

Our Metro 170 gm range is suited to older kids and adults who need fuel to keep them going during the day. This range is available in 5 flavours: Mince & vegetable, Mince and Cheese, Steak & Cheese, Chicken & Vegetables and Potato Top

Goodtime Metro Steak & Cheese Pie PackGoodtime Metro Mince & Cheese Pie PackMetro Mince and Vegetable PackGoodtime Metro-Potato Top Pie PackGoodtime Metro Mince & Cheese Pie PP

Our Mini Metro range is 130 gm and is an easy to manage size and shape suited to younger kids with lower energy needs and smaller appetites. You can tempt the younger kids with popular Mince & Cheese and Mince & Vegetable.

Goodtime Metro Mini Mince & Cheese Pie PackGoodtime Metro-Mini-Mince&Vegetable Pie Pack

We spent many months developing this range so that it still tastes like a pie should- full of flavour, delicious fillings and flaky pastry. So how did we do it?

  • We use lean beef and chicken an important source of protein and iron
  • Use healthy fats essential for energy but less unhealthy saturated fats.
  • Reduced the sodium and sugar
  • Reduced the kj per 100 gm helping balance overall energy intake but still provide energy for active growing tweens and teens.
  • Upped the amount of vegetables, legumes, fruit and soy to increase dietary fibre. Each pie contains at least 10% vegetables and fruit to help support 5+ a day fruit and vegetables.
  • We were a bit sneaky and pureed the vegetables to hide them so that kids are eating healthy without knowing it.

For more information on ingredient and nutritional information about our Metro and Metro Mini range refer to our website

Want to place an order then email us at or call freephone 0800 466 384


New Hub Gourmet Petite Pies For Pie Lovers With Petite Appetites

We know people love our Hub Gourmet pies but at 220 gm they are a big eat for some. So, after getting numerous requests from those of you who love pies but have a more petite appetite, we have taken action and launched our Hub Gourmet Petite 150 gm range.  Now everyone can indulge their pie cravings.

The Hub Petite range still uses the same great quality meat and vegetables, herbs and spices and perfect flaky pastry. Wrap you chops around these 5 gourmet flavours.

Hub Gourmet Petite Winter Vegetable

Angus Beef Steak and Mozzarella: This is always a kiwi favourite. Tender cubes of Angus beef steak cooked in a rich and hearty gravy topped with slices of gooey mozzarella.

Creamy Butter Chicken: If Indian is your thing you will love this pie. Succulent chicken pieces slow cooked in a creamy tomato gravy with popular and traditional Indian herbs and spices.

NZ Lamb, Kumara & Rosemary: If you like good old kiwi lamb roast then this is the pie for you. Tender NZ Lamb and kumara simmered in a rich gravy with a hint of rosemary.

Thai Chicken Red Curry & Vegetables: Get your fix of Thai in a pie. Tender chicken, green beans and sweetcorn combined with an authentic Thai-style red curry and coconut cream sauce.

Winter Vegetable Medley & Bechamel Sauce:  Vegetarians here is something for you. It features a medley of kumara, potato, pumpkin, cauliflower, green beans & leeks combined with a creamy bechamel sauce and topped with tasty cheese.

If you are interested in stocking this range call us on 0800 466 384 or email us at


Reusable Coffee Cups – Sustainability A Hit With Staff

We are always looking for ways to do our bit to reduce waste so we were delighted when we found these reusable coffee cups. They are made from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk and BPA-free polypropylenes and we thought they would make a great Xmas gift to our staff.
Rice husk is a waste product with little value and the agriculture industry often disposes of it by burning which creates air pollution. Using it to make a reusable cup not only reduces the amount of plastic required for manufacture but it, accelerates its biodegradability and produces a stylish and useful everyday item that can be used again and again.
Our staff loved them and proudly use them when they grab a coffee on the go- no more guilt about tossing away a coffee cup.
The Goodtime Pie Co. has a great deal of respect for the world and the people in it. We have a direct responsibility to do whatever we can to conserve and preserve the assets Mother Earth has kindly lent us. We think the best starting place is our own back yard.
If you are interested to learn about some of our other environmental initiatives then check out

The 2020 Backyard Bash Is Proudly Presented By The Goodtime Pie Co.

The NZ Backyard Bash the best cricket tournament in the world is back by popular demand for 2020 and The Goodtime Pie Co. is stoked to be involved again but this year as a key sponsor. We know it is going to be bigger, better and more fun than last year.

There are more regions, innovative rules changes, and a cash prize of $5,000 . . . it’s no wonder that backyard cricket is the fastest growing semi-social sport in New Zealand. Backyards across the country are being mowed, rolled and prepped as the country counts down to the start of the 2020 Backyard Bash on 12th January 2020 at the Birkenhead Cricket Club.

Billed as probably the best cricket tournament in the world, semi-social athletes battle it out barefoot with taped tennis balls and plastic bats to see who truly is, the best in the Kiwi backyard. All the classics are in there, the divisive ‘Onehand Onebounce’ and over the fence on the full, so it’s no wonder athletes have learnt how to keep the ball low to make it through the qualifying stages.

A total of seven (7) Regional Qualifiers are set to be held throughout the North Island with winning teams invited to participate in the New Zealand BYC Championships staged at Ellerslie Racecourse during the Manco Easter Handicap Raceday. Last year saw the OG’s from Hawkes Bay take the title and they will be back for more in 2020.

The Goodtime Pie Co. Pie Chuckers will also be back and are in training as we speak. We challenge other companies to put a team together and see what they are made of- it is great team building exercise.

For $250 per team of five (5), semi-social athletes will be treated to iconic BYC merch, everyone’s’ fav Classic Kiwi Steak and Cheese pies and savouries from The Goodtime Pie Co., wings from our friends at Red Bull and Arnotts Shapes will be on hand to help mates get together. Hirepool are also excited about launching an extracurricular challenge for athletes to take part in during the season ahead.

The 2020 Backyard Bash Schedule: If you live in any of these regions talk to ya mates, come up with a zany name and get training.
• North Harbour Regional Qualifier Birkenhead Cricket Club Sunday, 12 January 2020
• Manawatu Regional Qualifier Rongotea Tavern Sunday, 19 January 2020
• Waikato Regional Qualifier Hamilton Marist Rugby Club Sunday, 16 February 2020
• Taranaki Regional Qualifier Butlers Reef Café Sunday, 23 February 2020
• Auckland Regional Qualifier Parnell Cricket Club Sunday, 15 March 2020
• Bay of Plenty Regional Qualifier Otumoetai Cadets Cricket Club Sunday, 29 March 2020
• Hawkes Bay Regional Qualifier Eskview Rugby Club Saturday, 4 April 2020
• New Zealand BYC Championships Ellerslie Racecourse Saturday, 18 April 2020

To enter a team, semi-social battlers should to head to to sign up

The Goodtime Pie Co. Kransky Roll

The Goodtime Pie Co. Classic Kransky Roll is New and “Chur”

The Goodtime Pie Co. Kransky RollOur new Classic Kiwi Kransky Roll will be a huge hit with hungry guys and gals as it is super tasty, unique and totally “Chur”.

We were inspired by the famous pork sausage from Kranjska in creating this delish addition to our Classic Kiwi Sausage Rolls range. The sausage is made from ground pork, NZ beef, garlic, natural spices and chunks of smoked cheese. The killer innovation is that we topped it with some yummy relish and then wrapped it in our flaky pastry.

When you bite into our Kransky Roll you will experience a combo of firm textured spicy sausage with light and flaky pastry- there is nothing out there like it. So hit up your local retailer to get them to stock up their pie warmer. They will be available from the Monday the 4th of November.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer of pies you will be interested to know, it is part of our popular Classic Kiwi range with eye catching packaging and our signature quirky kiwi sayings that kiwis love. It is available in wrapped cartons of 18 or, unwrapped cartons of 36 to provide a made in house look plus the benefit of using less packaging.

We will be promoting Classic Kransky Roll on and our Facebook page to create consumer awareness – so watch it fly out the door. At 100 gm it is the perfect snack size and has a competitive price point that will appeal to hungry customers taste buds as well as their wallets. We have available fantastic eye-catching POS material – pie warmer sticker, counter card to help you shout out about this new product. We reckon it is going to fly out the door so get in touch with us on 0800 466 384 or email to be part of the action.
Happy Kranskying!

Hollywood Bakery Avondale

Goodtime Pies Now Available at Hollywood Bakery Espresso

The Goodtime Pie Co. is stoked to announce that we are now suppling Hollywood Bakery Espresso with a range of our Hub Gourmet Pies and Rolls and Classic Kiwi Pies and Rolls– so if you are on the hunt for one of our delicious pies then head to one of their stores now.
Hollywood BHollywood Bakery Avondaleakery Espresso has been established in New Zealand for over 20 years and have 46 stores situated in Central, West, East and North Auckland, 3 in Hamilton and 1 in Tauranga. Check out the Store locator to find a store and a Goodtime pie close to you.

Hollywood Bakery offer not only pies, but a wide selection of yummy food and operate their own coffee bean roastery producing high quality well blended and freshly roasted beans to the stores. Their stores are designed to the highest standard and quality reflecting a modern and clean eating environment.

It is great to be a supply partner with Hollywood Bakeries as they adhere to the same philosophy as we do- that is to provide our customers with high quality products at a reasonable price. The Goodtime Pie Co. look forward to working alongside our new mates at Hollywood Bakery to keep Pie Maniacs out there happy.

Tradies- Win a Wireless Blue Tooth Speaker from The Goodtime Pie Co

We love tradies– whether they are Chippies, Sparkies, Dunny Divers or Brickies, they are all hard-working guys or gals who we know like to tuck into a good pie for smoko. So, we decided they needed a bit of a reward for all their hard work and what better prize than a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that makes their workday more enjoyable and a carton of Goodtime savouries. So if you are a tradie head on over to our Facebook page and enter our competition by the 31st of August 2019 – you have got to be in to WIN! Here’s what it is all about
GIVEAWAY! Tradies, have your work sounds taken a hammering? We know you need music to make the workday a ‘Goodtime’ – so we’re giving away a shiny new DeWalt Wireless Bluetooth Speaker plus a carton of tasty Goodtime savouries to make your day. 🎸Just POST A PIC in the comments below with a shot of your rugged old radio on the work site (that’s a smartphone/Bluetooth speaker for those under 60…), and we’ll put you in the draw to WIN!.

End of an Era for The Goodtime Pie Co.

It was an extremely sad day for the Pollett family  on 13th May 2019 as their father Leo, the founder, mentor and all-round awesome baker departed this world for the “Bakery in the Sky” where they are sure he will bake pies for the angels.

It all started when Leo rang Phil in December 1977 and said “If you come back from your OE we will start a pies only bakery” Leo’s dream. Phil said “yes” so the amazing story began on February 28th 1978. The business has grown to be a multi-million-dollar operation selling over 12 million pies a year which made Leo extremely proud.

Leo was a pedantic baker to say the least. He’d say things like “Never drop the quality, there is always going to be some bugger who will undercut us, we’ll just ignore them and get on with how we do it”

And, when sales would slump for no real reason “Don’t worry, it wouldn’t matter if we wrap them in gold leaf, they wouldn’t sell”. He worked out pretty quickly that the main cause was Lotto week, when, in the early days the whole of NZ would go crazy and go without lunch to buy a ticket.

At Leos service the family and staff promised to keep up his standards pledging that they will never trade quality for price no matter what!!
Leo will be missed for his wise words, his wit and his uncompromising passion for making sure the family continue his heritage and the long tradition of maintaining quality.

After all these years the team at Goodtime are still – “Here to make the Best Pies in the World”.
All in honour of Leo Pollett.