New Hub Petite Mince-atarian Mince and Cheese Pie

Here’s some exciting news for pie lovers with petite appetites – we have just added a new vegetarian flavour to the Hub Petite range.

Our new Mince-atarian Mince and Cheese Pie is a delicious vegetarian twist on a Mince & Cheese pie, which is a kiwi favourite. Our Chef uses a savoury Quorn meat-free mince filling, which he tops with a blend of tasty and mozzarella cheese and wraps in our famous flaky pastry.

Everyone who has tried it is blown away with the flavour and texture saying, “you wouldn’t know that it was meat free, as it tastes like a regular Mince and Cheese Pie.”

We have had it checked out by the Vegetarian Society of New Zealand and they have given it their seal of approval.

What’s so special about Quorn?

  • Quorn mince is a mycoprotein, made through a natural fermentation process, much like how cheese is made, but Quorn mince is fermented from non-animal inputs. It’s a great source of protein.
  • Quorn’s is a nutritionally healthy protein source that is naturally low in saturated fat and high in fibre and contains no cholesterol. It contains all nine essential amino acids. Plus a variety of vitamins and minerals including potassium, calcium & phosphorus, and smaller amounts of selenium, magnesium & zinc.

 It is great for the health of our planet

  • Carbon Trust has certified the carbon footprint of Quorn’s mycoprotein since 2012. It the first meat free protein source to have third party carbon footprint accreditation.
  • Producing Quorn’s mycoprotein requires 90% less land, water and carbon emissions than producing animal proteins.

To find out more about ingredient and nutritional information check out the website.

The best place to find our Hub Petite Mince-atarian Mince and Cheese Pie is in the pie warmer at Z Energy or contact Focus for a retailer nearest you?

If you want to become a stockist, give us a call on 0800 466 384 or email

The Goodtime Pie Co. Get in Behind the Backyard Bash

The Goodtime Pie Co. are excited to announce they are the Official Food Sponsor for the 2019 Backyard Bash which is a series of backyard cricket matches that takes place around the North Island of New Zealand from January 2019 to April 2019. We thought it was the perfect fit for our Classic Kiwi Range in particular our Steak and Cheese pie “a day at the cricket” – That’s Classic Kiwi.

So What is the Backyard Bash all About?

Got a mate who reckons he bowls 130 in jandles & can bat both ways blindfolded? Well guess what, now’s their chance to back it up! Backyard Cricket New Zealand and Crewcut Lawn and Gardens feel it’s about time we find out who is the best in the Kiwi backyard!

​The 2019 Crewcut Backyard Bash see’s six regions host qualifying events with the winning team in each region qualifying for the New Zealand Backyard Cricket Championships set to be hosted up in Auckland on the 20th April ’19.

​All your classic BYC rules are jam-packed into the Backyard Bash, from the ol ‘One hand One Bounce’ and ‘Over the fence on the full’ to batting and bowling power plays and taped tennis balls.

​As mentioned, the winning team from each region gains automatic qualification into the NZ Champs which will be video streamed live on Facebook with ball-by-ball commentary & action replays.

​ – So, what are ya waiting for? Get a group of mates together, head online and register a team before spaces run out! Then head outside and get practicing because your about to enter into the pinnacle of backyard cricket!

There are six regional events and a Grand Final. Each regional event comprises 8 teams of 5 players, plus 100’s of support crew and family and friends are expected at each event. Goodtime Classic Steak Cheese PieThat’s heaps of hungry players who will get a feed of our savouries and of course our Classic Kiwi Steak and Cheese pie.

The official launch of the 2019 Backyard Bash was on the 15th October 2018 with registration opening on line at and social media on FB BackyardBashNZ. Spaces are filling up fast so don’t delay register now.



Head Official Pie Minister