The Goodtime Pie Co. Kransky Roll

The Goodtime Pie Co. Classic Kransky Roll is New and “Chur”

The Goodtime Pie Co. Kransky RollOur new Classic Kiwi Kransky Roll will be a huge hit with hungry guys and gals as it is super tasty, unique and totally “Chur”.

We were inspired by the famous pork sausage from Kranjska in creating this delish addition to our Classic Kiwi Sausage Rolls range. The sausage is made from ground pork, NZ beef, garlic, natural spices and chunks of smoked cheese. The killer innovation is that we topped it with some yummy relish and then wrapped it in our flaky pastry.

When you bite into our Kransky Roll you will experience a combo of firm textured spicy sausage with light and flaky pastry- there is nothing out there like it. So hit up your local retailer to get them to stock up their pie warmer. They will be available from the Monday the 4th of November.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer of pies you will be interested to know, it is part of our popular Classic Kiwi range with eye catching packaging and our signature quirky kiwi sayings that kiwis love. It is available in wrapped cartons of 18 or, unwrapped cartons of 36 to provide a made in house look plus the benefit of using less packaging.

We will be promoting Classic Kransky Roll on and our Facebook page to create consumer awareness – so watch it fly out the door. At 100 gm it is the perfect snack size and has a competitive price point that will appeal to hungry customers taste buds as well as their wallets. We have available fantastic eye-catching POS material – pie warmer sticker, counter card to help you shout out about this new product. We reckon it is going to fly out the door so get in touch with us on 0800 466 384 or email to be part of the action.
Happy Kranskying!