Goodtime Pies eyes Asia after increasing investment in plant and production

From Hawke’s Bay Today | Tuesday, 25 April 2017

GoodTime Eyes Up Asia

Goodtime Pies hopes to grow its 50-supermarket foothold in Singapore to about 200 supermarkets in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Managing director Phil Pollett said there was a population of about 400,000 expats in Singapore “so it is a pretty safe market for us to get into”.

A Goodtime Food Company team will be heading to Singapore next month as part of a New Zealand contingent attending the New Zealand Food Fair held by NZTE and the Cold Storage supermarket chain.

“It is a matter of convincing all the Singaporean nationals to eat pies, which is the goal we have there on May 14 for a week-long food show of 12 hours a day for seven days,” Mr Pollet said.

“My feet are sore already thinking about it. They say we will be talking to about 6000 people, which I can’t imagine myself, but it is a big country.”

Goodtime has exported to Australia for the almost two years, with its ninth container of pies branded I Love Pies on its way to US-owned Costco, the world’s second-largest retailer.

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