Another Award for Our Hub Vegan Pie and Vegan Roll Range

It was a great day for our team when we took out the top award with our Hub Café Vegan Sausage Roll at The Vegan Sausage Awards 2021, organised by the New Zealand Vegan Society. At The Goodtime Pie Co. we have always been 100% focused on listening to our customers and developing tasty pies, rolls and savouries that they love so this endorsement from our vegan customers was very satisfying.

What was also a cause for celebration is that this is the second time we have won an award with our vegan  range. In 2020 we won Best Commercial Vegan Pie for our Hub Vegan Pepper Mushroom Pie and were runner up for our Hub Korma Vegetable Pie.

The feedback we have received on our Vegan Sausage Roll has been very positive. People love having a snack sized option. They  were amazed that it did not contain meat, as the flavours, texture and pastry made it seem like you were eating a traditional sausage roll.

We think the secret behind the popularity of our Hub Vegan Pies and Roll is that;

they deliver the pie eating experience that all Kiwis love, there is a big range of flavours, and there is absolutely no compromise on the taste and texture of the fillings and the pastry is golden and flaky. This means

  • Vegans can confidently tuck in knowing it has the Vegan Certification.
  • Vegetarians and Flexitarians can enjoy a plant-based pie or roll guilt free.
  • Meat Eaters can be a bit adventurous and try something that tastes good.

Check out our Hub Vegan Pie Range here

Hub Gourmet Vegan Kumara & Cashew Pie Pack

We know that more and more Kiwis are looking to eat less meat, and we just love being at the forefront of providing plant-based pie and roll options that everyone can enjoy. So, Paul Barber our in-house chef is already working on the next addition to our Hub Vegan range. Look out for our new cheesy jackfruit pie, which will be launched in August.

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