The Goodtime Time Pie Co. launch Metro Pies with a 3 Star Health Rating

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We know that kids and adults love the taste and comfort of a quality pie but that it is desirable if they are eaten as part of an active lifestyle and well-balanced healthy diet. So, we decided to reformulated our Metro Pie range to achieve the high standard 3 Star Health Rating which is a well-recognised rating system that people know and trust.

This is our way of Helping Everyone Choose Healthier Food Options but still have the chance to enjoy pies which are a kiwi favourite.

The 3 Star Rating means Metro Pies can be enjoyed more often than normal pies which is why we say the Metro range is “The Tasty Pie That’s Better 4 U”. There are 2 sizes available in the Metro range

Our Metro 170 gm range is suited to older kids and adults who need fuel to keep them going during the day. This range is available in 5 flavours: Mince & vegetable, Mince and Cheese, Steak & Cheese, Chicken & Vegetables and Potato Top

Goodtime Metro Steak & Cheese Pie PackGoodtime Metro Mince & Cheese Pie PackMetro Mince and Vegetable PackGoodtime Metro-Potato Top Pie PackGoodtime Metro Mince & Cheese Pie PP

Our Mini Metro range is 130 gm and is an easy to manage size and shape suited to younger kids with lower energy needs and smaller appetites. You can tempt the younger kids with popular Mince & Cheese and Mince & Vegetable.

Goodtime Metro Mini Mince & Cheese Pie PackGoodtime Metro-Mini-Mince&Vegetable Pie Pack

We spent many months developing this range so that it still tastes like a pie should- full of flavour, delicious fillings and flaky pastry. So how did we do it?

  • We use lean beef and chicken an important source of protein and iron
  • Use healthy fats essential for energy but less unhealthy saturated fats.
  • Reduced the sodium and sugar
  • Reduced the kj per 100 gm helping balance overall energy intake but still provide energy for active growing tweens and teens.
  • Upped the amount of vegetables, legumes, fruit and soy to increase dietary fibre. Each pie contains at least 10% vegetables and fruit to help support 5+ a day fruit and vegetables.
  • We were a bit sneaky and pureed the vegetables to hide them so that kids are eating healthy without knowing it.

For more information on ingredient and nutritional information about our Metro and Metro Mini range refer to our website

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