New No 8 Premium Mince-atarian Mince & Cheese Pie

Check out our new our No 8 Premium Mince-a-tarian Mince and Cheese Pie. It is perfect,  if you love meat pies, but are moving to a flexitarian diet as you want to eat less meat. It is also ideal for vegetarians and has been approved by the Vegetarian Society of New Zealand.

It is a BIG 220g and made from a savoury Quorn mince, then topped with a blend of tasty and mozzarella cheese, and wrapped in our delicious flaky pastry.  We reckon if you threw some at your hardened carnivore mates, they wouldn’t have a clue that it is meat free. It tastes just like the real thing – No Bull!


Quorn mince, a mycoprotein, is made through a natural fermentation process, much like how cheese is made, but Quorn mince is fermented from non-animal inputs.

It is a great source of protein

Quorn’s mycoprotein is a nutritionally healthy protein source that is naturally low in saturated fat and high in fibre and contains no cholesterol. It contains all nine essential amino acids and a variety of vitamins and minerals including potassium, calcium & phosphorus, and smaller amounts of selenium, magnesium & zinc.

And it is great for the health of our planet

  • Carbon Trust has certified the carbon footprint of Quorn’s mycoprotein since 2012. It the first meat free protein source to have third party carbon footprint accreditation.
  • Producing Quorn’s mycoprotein requires 90% less land, water and carbon emissions than producing animal proteins.

To find out more about ingredient and nutritional information check out the website.

The best place to find our No 8 Mince-atarian Mince and Cheese pie is in the pie warmer at Z Energy or contact Focus Distribution for a retailer nearest you?

If you want to become a stockist, give us a call on 0800 466 384 or email