Goodtime Pies: Baked in goodness – Gimme a Goodtime

Fuel for Active People:

We love this country. It’s all about getting out there and getting on with it. But while you’re doing all that running, lifting, jumping off bridges and stuff, you need to top up your fuel tank.

We think that a pie is pretty much the perfect meal; delicious, piping hot, easy and convenient to eat on the run. Even with one hand!

So while you’re busy getting amongst it in the great outdoors, we’re busy indoors baking the best pies on the planet.

For pie snobs who want something a bit ‘gourmet’ we make the Hub. You’ll simply love the exotic flavours.

For hungry blokes (and blokettes) with traditional kiwi tastes we produce our hearty Classic range, as well as our latest: the big premium pie, and of course Mangatainoka’s finest: the Tui pie.

For schools, hospitals and those watching their waistline there's the Metro (with The Heart Foundation Tick of Approval).

And folks watching their wallets can grab a Sunnydays or two.

We also produce a range of healthy snacks such as Wraps and Mini-Pizzas, Muffins and Savouries. All approved for schools.

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What’s up? Latest News:

Someone mention Road Trip? If you’re out and about in this great little country, working or just relaxing, roll on in to any Z Service Station, and pray that a lot of hungry people haven’t been in just before you. Those are our pies tempting you from the pie warmer.

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For cafes and caterers wanting a home-baked look without the packaging we offer our PREMIUM range. The name says it all really. A generous pie with all the kiwi favourites: Mince, Mince & Cheese, Steak, Steak & Cheese. Delicious and huge.

Eating Instructions:

Eating instructions