Our Export Capabilities

A Brief History

It has always been a dream of ours to export pies to the world. Over the years, we had been approached many, many times by people who had toured New Zealand and tasted our products wanting to sell them in their country. We investigated to see what we needed to do to get an export licence and found we would need to make a few changes in order to meet the very strict compliances that Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) required. MPI do a great job of protecting New Zealand’s reputation as a clean green, food safe country so we were very keen to make the changes necessary.

RMPs in bakeries are rare with only a few being registered in New Zealand. The reason they are rare is because they are so darn hard to get. MPI provide a continuous monitoring program that goes on for as long as we want to export. Goodtime is very proud of the fact that we got to the highest level of compliance without failing any of the 5 audits carried out by MPI. We are now audited once every 12 weeks.

In 2012 we started the process of changing the bakery and ended up spending over $2 million on the bakery (built in the 80s) as well as freezing facilities. We finished the project in early 2014.

Our Napier Bakery is now export certified by MPI, and is currently exporting baked goods to Australia and Singapore. Food safety compliance is exceptional, and MPI and Telarc (quality systems) auditing bodies are very complimentary of compliance levels. Our Napier bakery is also accredited to supply Costco Australia, and the latest audit in July 2016 was an exceptional pass rate of 98%.

Where to From Here?

We are keen to export to other countries but may need to sort through the compliance required by that country, called OMARS, before we can actually send any product. We are more than happy to discuss any enquiries. Email: yummy@goodtime.co.nz

Countries we can currently export to;

Australia since 2016

Singapore since 2017